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Is There More to Silence Than Just Silence?

I was honoured to be chosen as one of the 12 speakers in the 2024 TEDx Surrey, held on January 20th, 2024 at the Bell Center for Performing Arts. My presentation 'Is There More To Silence Than Just Silence?' offered insights into how you can use silence to listen, reflect, heal and be inspired by your own inner wisdom.

Watch it here!

The Unexpected Power of Silence

From navigating life’s challenges to finding deeper connections, discover how the art of silence can transform your everyday experiences.


In this episode of The Mindful Coach podcast I share my journey from feeling stuck to becoming a mindfulness practitioner and how my unique approach to coaching can help you tap into your inner wisdom.

The conversation with host Brett Hill focuses on the power of intentional silence and its role in mindfulness and effective communication. We also discuss my TEDx experience and why I intentionally avoided using the term mindfulness in my talk. Curious? Watch & listen now!

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The Art of Reflection

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Anthony Biondi (Alumni Engagement

 Strategist | University of the Fraser Valley) about how curiosity has led me into exploring meditation and mindfulness practices. This exploration was the driving force behind the creation of my wellness business and my continued passion to help others follow their curiosity into self-discovery and personal growth.


His article, The Art of Reflection, is an uplifting interview with me that takes a closer look at why I was inspired to participate in TEDx Surrey and why I believe that, more often than not, silence speaks louder than words.

Let Me Inspire Your Next Corporate or Group Event

Is your place of work, organization or club looking for tangible ways to improve the well-being and mental health of your staff or members? I'm an experienced, engaging and inspirational motivator and can easily tailor a presentation that fits your needs. Contact me and let's make it happen!

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