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Mindfulness Is & Isn't

Mindfulness is about mind awareness - not about mind control.

Mindfulness is about tuning in and connecting - not about spacing out or escaping.


Mindfulness is a contemplative practice - it is not a religion.

Mindfulness is about cultivating awareness and compassion for self and others, at every possible opportunity - not simply about attention.

Mindfulness is about letting ourselves have whatever experience we’re having - not having a particular kind of experience.

Mindfulness is about learning to peacefully co-exist with what is through practice - not about changing difficult thoughts or getting rid of difficult feelings. 


Mindfulness is about being aware and compassionate throughout our day -

not just when we are meditating.

Mindfulness is a way of being in the world. It allows us to meet our experience with presence of mind and to respond skillfully to life's challenges, rather than reacting based on intense emotions. It teaches us an awareness of the habits of our minds and allows us to catch ourselves in negative patterns.

This human practice of compassionate and intentional awareness is available to all who wish to live harmoniously with themselves, others and the world around them.

Image by Sebin Thomas
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