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Welcome to Your Mind and You


My name is Pamela Dangelmaier and I would love to help you discover the wonderful benefits of practicing mindfulness.

I attribute most of my success, both personal and career, to the application of mindfulness techniques to support and generate my creative ideas and come up with innovative ways to overcome challenges, reduce stress and live a balanced life.

Creativity has always played a major role in my life. Using my creative advantage, I've helped to build and brand one of Canada's most-trusted e-commerce gardening businesses, Botanus. Among my other creative passions I'm an experienced public speaker, graphic designer, stage & film actress and novelist.


In 2020, I completed my Graduate Degree in Mindfulness-Based Teaching & Learning at the University of the Fraser Valley earning the honour of 'Graduated with Distinction' as well as receiving the Award For Outstanding Achievement in the MBTL program. I'm grateful for the learning opportunity I had at UFV and for the many skilled mindfulness teachers who guided me in my academic journey.


In 2023 I successfully completed my certified life coaching training with the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training program - an internationally recognized life coaching program. This training has supported me in achieving my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with  the International Coaching Federation.


Having spent many hours interacting with my course participants and listening mindfully to their experiences, I recognize their longing for tools that would help them better connect with themselves, reduce their self-doubt and live a life filled with creativity, calmness and joy.


This recognition is akin to a calling – a noble one – that I am willing to answer. This calling is asking me to give the very best of myself and my abilities to facilitate mindfulness courses that will support individuals in their mindful pursuits and development of personal insight.

I would be honoured if you'd join me in one of my courses so that you too can learn how to generate, retain and apply mindful solutions in your own life. The result will be a calmer, healthier more creative you!

Pamela Dangelmaier-Mindfulness Coach

Pamela Dangelmaier


Mindfulness & Life Coach (ACC)

BFA-UBC, Graduate &

Outstanding Achievement Award recipient UFV-MBTL

Certified Wayfinder Life Coach

Founding Member Mindful Coach Assoc.

Professional Member of the American Mindfulness Research Association

TEDx Speaker

The Mindful Coach Association - Mindful Coach Association Founding Member - 2023-06-27(1).
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