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Mastering Mindfulness-Private Sessions

Regain Your Peace of Mind & Develop Skills to Ease Your Stress


Stress effects everyone and not all stress is bad, however, long-term stress can harm your health. Thankfully, mindfulness provides ways to effectively manage your stress.


Many studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress by teaching us how to respond to stress with awareness of what is happening in the present moment.  Mindfulness can be an antidote to rumination and worrying. It encourages us to open up and accept our emotions without judgement. As a result, we are better able to identify, experience, and process our emotions. Mindfulness also encourages us to see things from different perspectives so that we learn to respond rather than simply reacting instinctively.

The Mastering Mindfulness course (private sessions) is designed to give you the specific mindfulness tools you will use to effectively bring balance to your life and reduce the negative effects of stress. You will learn various mindfulness techniques, develop a deepened understanding as to how these practices will alleviate stress in your life and set in motion a personalized mindfulness practice that will support you going forward.


The benefits of this intensive, one on one mindfulness training, will be a better life balance. You will learn easy to incorporate practices that will assist you in recognizing your personal stress patterns. These practical and useful mindfulness tools will allow you to break with those patterns and follow a more mindful, healthy path.

This course is facilitated in a safe, private individual environment via Zoom. It is open to participants internationally and conducted on a one on one basis. No previous mindfulness experience is required just a willingness to be a part of your own healing, self-care and self-management.

For more details, please refer to the Terms.

Course cost is $649 CDN

8 weekly, one hour sessions are booked based on our mutual schedules and available time slots. Currently accepting new clients. Please contact me for details.

I offer FREE 30 minute consultations.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, I'd love to hear from you. Please use the Sign Up link to contact me.
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